Willem Van Beelen

                        Willem van Beelen,  

                        born  1954 Holland "The Netherlands"


gifted with a great talent, he can draw, paint and be a sculptor as well.

His drive to create always new objects made him an artist with a long service record,

always looking for the highest score of perfection, characterized by perfect craftsmanship.


He has specialized himself in the art of casting, bronze and silver,

so he can perform his models as he wants to. Specially in the combination bronze and stones.

His bronzes are a collector’s items for many..


Willem van Beelen today

Willem van Beelen today, is a sculptor, whose life is dedicated

and connected with the Arabian horse. 

He passes his days in his studio, sculpting or designing, preparing 

new models in clay or wax, and sometimes he is travelling around the world, 

visiting horsebreeders, watching their horses , inspiring himself for 

the making of new sculptures.



The Career of Willem van Beelen

His artistic career nowadays is turning around this object in all his forms,

His bronzes are well known in the world of the arabian horsebreeders and enthusiasts.

His sculptures from small to life size in bronze or marmorgranulat are bought

by these people who are sharing this passion for this so very fine and elegant creature.

The Passion of Willem van Beelen And it is just the passion of Willem van Beelen 

that makes that creativity can flourish and gives him the urge to create.

And just because he is having so much inspiriation for making new things,

he is co-operating with some well-known art casting firms now ,

so they can help him to find more time, for the making of all these ideas he

is having in his head and want to be realized. Willem van Beelen really hopes that


                   Willem van Beelen was commissioned to make a portrait (oil on canvas)

                   of the Founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz Al Saud,

                   for the realizing of the book : Legacy of Saudi Arabia,

                   A Tribute to HRH Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud 

                   and the Arabian Horses of the Kingdom.

                  There is also made a sculpture in bronze of this portrait.

                  For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia he made various sculptures,

                  placed in the Embassies of Saudi Arabia. HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 

                  bought some of his sculptures during one of the first horse fairs in Dubai

                  His life size fillies travelled to the courts of Ajman, Sharjah and Saudi Arabia.


                           S K U L P T U R E N

        The first 1988 bronze editions that 

            appeared had enthused the international

           collectors worldwide that no single 

           piece remains available today.

           The pieces are so well sought after because

           the collection value continously raises.





           Wim V. Beelen

           - is an international recognized painter

           and sculptot from the old school.

           His tremendous expressionism is shown

           by the highest handcraft perfection and

           deep sensitivity.

           Wim V. Beelen discovered his love for

           horses at a horse farm belonging 

           to a friend. His wonderful sculptures 

           display a dynamic gracefullness, wich

           enthuses horse lovers all over the world.



Arabian Head '93



 Homepage: Willem Van Beelen


                  E R G Ä N Z U N G     '93


      Die ersten,1988 erschienenen limitierten 

      Bronze- Editionen von Wim v. Beelen, 

      die schonlange ausverkauft sind,versetzte 

      die internationale Fachwelt in Staunen, 

      und Skulpturen aus dieser  Edition sind schon 

      heute weltweit gesuchte Sammlerstücke mit    

      kontinuierlichter Wertseigerung.




       Wim V. Beelen

       - ein international anerkannter

       Maler und Bildhauer der alten Schule. 

       Seine ungemein ausdrucksstarken 

       Werke zeugen von höchster handwerklichter    

       perfektion und tiefem Einfühlungsvermögen. 

       Seine Liebe zu Pferden entdecte Wim v. Beelen 

       auf  dem Gestüt eines Freundes und er    

       begeistert  seither Pferderfreunde 

       in aller Welt mit herrlichen Skulpturen voller 

       Anmut und Dynamik. 



                            Arabian Head '93


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