Auguste Moreau

               Auguste Moreau was born in Paris in 1834 - 1917 


The youngest son of sculptor and painter Jean-Baptiste Moreau. 

He studied with his father and also under Aimé Millet, 

Augustin Drumont and Jean Thomas. Each of the three Moreau brothers – Hippolyte, 

Marthurin and Auguste – have become renowned for the quality and the 

beauty of their figurative sculpture.


The most popular art school at the lifetime of Moreau was 

the “École des Beaux-Arts” in Paris.

Since 1968 this famous art academy has been called “École nationale 

supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris”.

It was founded on April 20, 1797 as „École spéciale de peinture,

de sculpture et d’architecture“ and was officially acknowledged by

the French King Louis XVIII in 1819.

The most renowned one of Paris’ art schools is located in the district

Saint-Germain-des-Prés and extends over an area of approximately 2 hectare.

In the past there was the Augustinian monastery “couvent des Saints-Augustins“

at this location. Even today its little chapel is preserved.

The studies at the art academy are always held in studios.

That means about 10 to 20 students learn and work together

in small classes under supervision of a lecturer.


In 1861, Auguste made his debut at the Salon where he would 

exhibit regularly until 1913. His subjects were primarily young maidens 

sensuously clad in swirling diaphanous dress and usually decorated 

with flowers and birds or allegorical and genre scenes incorporating cupids 

and young children. His style was realistic and graceful, revealing 

his relation to the other members of the Moreau family. 

His compositions encapsulate a feeling of innocence whilst 

incorporating an air of mischievous game.









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